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About Cumulus Media  

A leader in the radio broadcasting industry, Cumulus Media (PINK: CMLSQ) combines high-quality local programming with iconic, nationally syndicated media, sports and entertainment brands to deliver premium content choices to the 245 million people reached each week through its 445 owned-and-operated stations broadcasting in 90 US media markets (including eight of the top 10), approximately 8,000 broadcast radio stations affiliated with its Westwood One network and numerous digital channels. Together, the Cumulus/Westwood One platforms make Cumulus Media one of the few media companies that can provide advertisers with national reach and local impact. Cumulus/Westwood One is the exclusive radio broadcast partner to some of the largest brands in sports, entertainment, news, and talk, including the NFL, the NCAA, the Masters, the Olympics, the GRAMMYs, the Academy of Country Music Awards, the American Music Awards, the Billboard Music Awards, and more. Additionally, it is the nation's leading provider of country music and lifestyle content through its NASH brand, which serves country fans nationwide through radio programming, exclusive digital content, and live events. For more information, visit

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  Department Position Title City State Date  
 Administrative Digital Sales Manager Charleston SC 04/28/2017   
 Administrative Sales Assistant Buffalo NY 05/22/2017   
 Administrative Sales Planner New York NY 05/23/2017   
 Administrative Sales Assistant Providence RI 07/12/2017   
 Administrative Affidavits Coordinator New York NY 09/14/2017   
 Administrative Board Operator, part-time Columbia MO 11/29/2017   
 Administrative Continuity Coordinator San Francisco CA 02/02/2018   
 Administrative Account Executive Blacksburg / New River Valley Blacksburg VA 02/14/2018   
 Administrative Part-time Promotions Assistant Topeka KS 02/15/2018   
 Administrative Receptionist/Sales Administrative Assistant Harrisburg PA 02/20/2018   
 Administrative Part-Time Receptionist/Traffic Assistant Charleston SC 02/21/2018   
 Administrative Product Support Specialist Atlanta GA 02/28/2018   
 Administrative account executive-media sales New Orleans LA 03/09/2018   
 Administrative Business Manager Springfield MA 03/16/2018   
 Administrative Board Op PT San Francisco CA 03/21/2018   
 Corporate Corporate Counsel Atlanta GA 03/19/2018   
 Engineering and Technical Assistant Chief Engineer Little Rock AR 09/06/2017   
 Engineering and Technical Engineer Los Angeles CA 10/09/2017   
 Engineering and Technical Chief Engineer Buffalo NY 12/08/2017   
 Engineering and Technical Broadcast IT Engineer Dallas TX 01/15/2018   
 Engineering and Technical Chief Engineer Wilmington NC 02/12/2018   
 Engineering and Technical Chief Engineer Nashville TN 03/09/2018   
 Engineering and Technical Engineer Amarillo TX 03/19/2018   
 Finance/Accounting Business Manager Chicago IL 03/06/2017   
 Finance/Accounting Accounting Coordinator New York NY 01/18/2018   
 Finance/Accounting Director of Accounting - Programming Atlanta GA 02/09/2018   
 Finance/Accounting Accounts Payable Specialist Atlanta GA 02/14/2018   
 Finance/Accounting Payroll Clerk Atlanta GA 02/20/2018   
 Human Resources Director of Human Resources New York NY 03/16/2018   
 Information Technology Digital Platforms Manager Salt Lake City UT 02/09/2017   
 Management VP- Market Manager 09/12/2017   
 Management Operations Manager Indianapolis IN 01/16/2018   
 Management Digital Sales Manager New York NY 01/17/2018   
 Management General Sales Manager ~ Montgomery Montgomery AL 02/02/2018   
 Management Digital Sales Manager Peoria Peoria IL 02/14/2018   
 On-Air Part-Time AC On-Air Talent denver CO 08/08/2017   
 On-Air On-Air Morning Show Co-Host Columbia SC 10/25/2017   
 On-Air News Reporter (Full Time) WBAP-AM/KLIF-AM Dallas TX 11/06/2017   
 On-Air News Anchor/Reporter (Part Time) Dallas TX 01/08/2018   
 On-Air ASST PD / PMD PERSONALITY Lafayette LA 01/08/2018   
 On-Air Part-Time Air Talent Wilkes Barre PA 01/19/2018   
 On-Air Morning Host Topeka KS 02/06/2018   
 On-Air Morning Show Host York PA 02/22/2018   
 On-Air Morning Show Talk Host Kansas City KS 03/01/2018   
 On-Air Network News Anchor - Part Time Washington, DC DC 03/07/2018   
 On-Air Prime Time On-Air Talent Florence SC 03/13/2018   
 Production/Creative Creative Imaging Director Chicago IL 03/14/2018   
 Production/Creative Production Director Nashville TN 03/22/2018   
 Programming KWYL-FM Morning Show Co Host Reno NV 01/27/2016   
 Programming Program Director New Orleans LA 05/10/2017   
 Programming Programming Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter Interns Washington DC 07/20/2017   
 Programming Evening Personality Q100 Atlanta Atlanta GA 08/10/2017   
 Programming Board Technician Boise ID 08/25/2017   
 Programming Board Operator (Part-Time) Washington DC 09/08/2017   
 Programming Program Director Eugene OR 09/29/2017   
 Programming Board Operator Muncie IN 09/29/2017   
 Programming Internship Muncie IN 09/29/2017   
 Programming Morning Show Executive Producer Knoxville TN 11/30/2017   
 Programming Morning Show Talent Stockton CA 01/04/2018   
 Programming Program Director - FM Station New York NY 01/09/2018   
 Programming Part Time On Air Announcer (WWWZ-FM) Charleston SC 01/22/2018   
 Programming KMJK Program Director Kansas City KS 02/01/2018   
 Programming Afternoon Drive Talk Show Producer Providence RI 02/26/2018   
 Programming on air personality, Green Bay Green Bay WI 03/05/2018   
 Programming Traffic Reporter/Board Op Birmingham AL 03/20/2018   
 Programming On Air Host Nashville TN 03/22/2018   
 Promotions/Marketing Spring, Summer & Fall Interns Washington DC 11/25/2015   
 Promotions/Marketing Promotion Technician Wilkes Barre PA 09/16/2016   
 Promotions/Marketing Part-Time Promotions / Digital Assistant Lafayette LA 11/08/2016   
 Promotions/Marketing Part Time Promotions Asst / Street Team Lafayette LA 11/08/2016   
 Promotions/Marketing Part Time Promotions Assistant Atlanta GA 01/13/2017   
 Promotions/Marketing Special Event Assistant (Part Time) - KTCK AM/FM Dallas TX 03/10/2017   
 Promotions/Marketing Promotion Assistant (Part-time) Charleston SC 04/25/2017   
 Promotions/Marketing Part-Time Promotions Assistant/Street Team Memphis TN 04/25/2017   
 Promotions/Marketing Promotions Assistant Fayetteville NC 04/27/2017   
 Promotions/Marketing Promotion Assistant (Part Time). Dallas TX 01/08/2018   
 Promotions/Marketing Promotions Assistant Tucson AZ 01/23/2018   
 Promotions/Marketing Promotion Manager Washington DC 02/28/2018   
 Promotions/Marketing Promotions Specialist San Francisco CA 03/09/2018   
 Promotions/Marketing Promotions Director Montgomery AL 03/12/2018   
 Promotions/Marketing Part Time Promotions Krew Springfield MA 03/16/2018   
 Promotions/Marketing Promotions Director Columbia SC 03/21/2018   
 Sales Account Executive Baton Rouge Baton Rouge LA 06/15/2016   
 Sales Sales Leader Tallahassee FL 01/04/2016   
 Sales Sales Leader Kokomo IN 03/14/2016   
 Sales Account Executive- Media Sales Fresno CA 05/02/2017   
 Sales Sales Leader Worcester MA 03/30/2016   
 Sales Sales Leader Houston TX 03/30/2016   
 Sales Sales Leader; Shreveport, LA Shreveport LA 03/30/2016   
 Sales Sales Leader Youngstown OH 03/30/2016   
 Sales Sales Leader; Wichita Falls, TX Wichita Falls TX 04/01/2016   
 Sales Account Executive | Amarillo, TX Amarillo TX 10/27/2016   
 Sales Sales Leader New York NY 04/01/2016   
 Sales Account Executive | Appleton/Oshkosh, WI Appleton WI 10/27/2016   
 Sales Sales Leader Chicago IL 04/11/2016   
 Sales Sales Leader Cincinnati OH 04/11/2016   
 Sales Account Executive- Media Sales Memphis TN 04/04/2017   
 Sales Sales Leader Buffalo NY 04/26/2016   
 Sales Sales Leader Ft. Walton Beach FL 04/26/2016   
 Sales Sales Leader Boise ID 05/01/2017   
 Sales Sales Leader Reno NV 05/06/2016   
 Sales Sales Leader Macon Macon GA 05/06/2016   
 Sales Sales Leader Oklahoma City OK 05/06/2016   
 Sales Sales Leader Albany GA 05/23/2016   
 Sales Sales Leader Grand Rapids MI 05/23/2016   
 Sales Sales Leader Toledo OH 05/23/2016   
 Sales Sales Leader Bloomington Bloomington IL 05/23/2016   
 Sales Account Executive- Media Sales Columbia SC 05/17/2017   
 Sales Account Executive- Media Sales Montgomery AL 05/23/2017   
 Sales Account Executive - B2B Sales Providence RI 05/23/2016   
 Sales Sales Leader Eugene OR 05/23/2016   
 Sales Sales Leader Lafayette LA 05/23/2016   
 Sales Sales Leader Tucson AZ 05/23/2016   
 Sales Sales Leader Knoxville TN 05/27/2016   
 Sales Sales Leader Detroit MI 05/27/2016   
 Sales Sales Leader Ann Arbor MI 05/27/2016   
 Sales Sales Leader Springfield MA 05/27/2016   
 Sales Sales Leader Bridgeport CT 05/27/2016   
 Sales Sales Leader Savannah GA 05/27/2016   
 Sales Account Executive- Media Sales Salt Lake City UT 04/12/2017   
 Sales Sales Leader Huntsville Huntsville AL 05/27/2016   
 Sales Outside Sales Rep - Des Moines Des Moines IA 08/30/2016   
 Sales Outside Sales Rep - Fayetteville, AR Fayetteville AR 08/30/2016   
 Sales Outside Sales Rep - Ft. Smith Ft. Smith AR 09/29/2016   
 Sales Outside Sales Rep - Muncie Muncie IN 09/29/2016   
 Sales Outside Sales Rep - York, Lancaster, Reading York PA 09/29/2016   
 Sales Sales Executive - Media Atlanta GA 02/24/2017   
 Sales Sales Executive - Media Columbus MS 03/07/2017   
 Sales Account Executive- Media Sales Allentown PA 02/12/2018   
 Sales Account Executive- Media Sales Little Rock AR 05/26/2017   
 Sales Digital Sales Specialist Colorado Springs CO 07/21/2017   
 Sales Account Executive- Media Sales Stockton CA 07/25/2017   
 Sales Account Executive- Media Sales New Orleans LA 07/27/2017   
 Sales Senior Account Executive Columbia MO 08/29/2017   
 Sales Account Executive- Media Sales, Abilene Abilene TX 09/07/2017   
 Sales Digital Sales Manager Colorado Springs CO 09/08/2017   
 Sales Account Executive Birmingham Birmingham AL 09/21/2017   
 Sales Sales Coordinator Bridgeport CT 10/06/2017   
 Sales Local Digital Sales Manager Indianapolis IN 10/26/2017   
 Sales Digital Sales Manager Boise ID 11/03/2017   
 Sales Account Executive- Media Sales, Myrtle Beach Myrtle Beach SC 11/29/2017   
 Sales Senior Account Executive- Media Sales, Florence Florence SC 03/08/2018   
 Sales Account Executive Oxnard-Ventura Ventura CA 03/20/2018   
 Sales Account Executive- Media Sales Salt Lake City UT 12/18/2017   
 Sales Account Executive Minneapolis MN 12/18/2017   
 Sales Account Executive- Media Sales Salt Lake City UT 12/18/2017   
 Sales Account Executive- Media Sales Salt Lake City UT 12/19/2017   
 Sales Local Sales Manger Eugene OR 12/21/2017   
 Sales Account Executive - Cumulus Media Dallas Dallas TX 01/02/2018   
 Sales Account Executive Wilmington, NC Wilmington NC 01/07/2018   
 Sales Digital Sales Manager / Dedicated Digital Expert Columbia MO 01/09/2018   
 Sales Sales Leader - Columbia Columbia MO 01/10/2018   
 Sales Account Executive Albuquerque NM 01/12/2018   
 Sales Media Sales Executive Syracuse NY 01/24/2018   
 Sales Outside Advertising Sales Representative Harrisburg PA 01/24/2018   
 Sales Digital Sales Manager Buffalo NY 02/08/2018   
 Sales Account Executive ~ Beaumont, TX Beaumont TX 02/14/2018   
 Sales Account Executive ~ Green Bay Green Bay WI 02/14/2018   
 Sales Account Executive Lake Charles Lake Charles LA 02/14/2018   
 Sales Account Executive Tri Cities Tri-Cities TN 02/14/2018   
 Sales Account Executive Peoria Peoria IL 02/15/2018   
 Sales Digital Sales Manager Stockton CA 02/16/2018   
 Sales Senior Account Executive Colorado Springs CO 02/16/2018   
 Sales Digital Sales Manager Fayetteville NC 02/16/2018   
 Sales Media Account Executive, Fayetteville NC Fayetteville NC 02/16/2018   
 Sales Local Advertising Sales Erie PA 02/23/2018   
 Sales Account Executive - Media Sales Chattanooga TN 02/26/2018   
 Sales Digital Sales Manager Chattanooga TN 02/26/2018   
 Sales Sales Associate New York NY 02/26/2018   
 Sales Digital Account Executive Dallas TX 02/28/2018   
 Sales Account Executive Topeka KS 03/02/2018   
 Sales Media Presentation Designer Atlanta GA 03/03/2018   
 Sales Account Executive Pensacola FL 03/07/2018   
 Sales Account Executive Melbourne FL 03/07/2018   
 Sales Digital Sales Manager Melbourne FL 03/07/2018   
 Sales Account Executive Kansas City KS 03/08/2018   
 Sales Account Executive Kansas City KS 03/08/2018   
 Sales Account Executive Lexington KY 03/09/2018   
 Sales Account Executive-Los Angeles Los Angeles CA 03/14/2018   
 Sales Project Manager, Marketing & Digital Platforms Los Angeles CA 03/14/2018   
 Sales Sales/Digital Administrative Assistant/Webmaster Springfield MA 03/15/2018   
 Sales Digital Sales Manager Los Angeles CA 03/15/2018   
 Sales Advertising Sales- Entry Level Springfield MA 03/16/2018   
 Sales Account Executive Wilkes Barre PA 03/19/2018   
 Sales Account Executive Mobile AL 03/22/2018   
 Sales Digital Sales Manager Mobile AL 03/22/2018   
 Sales Account Executive Washington DC 03/22/2018   
 Traffic Traffic Manager York PA 03/12/2018   
 Web/Digital Digital Sales Planner | Digital Account Manager New York NY 08/17/2017   
 Web/Digital Dedicated Digital Expert Bloomington IL 10/13/2017   
 Web/Digital KNBR Writer San Francisco CA 01/17/2018   
 Web/Digital Digital Sales Manager Saginaw MI 02/23/2018   
 Web/Digital Digital Project Manager San Francisco CA 03/01/2018   
 WestwoodONE Network Operations Technician Centennial CO 10/26/2017   
 WestwoodONE Research Analyst New York NY 01/10/2018   

Cumulus is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EEO)

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