Career Opportunities at CUMULUS MEDIA
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CUMULUS MEDIA (NASDAQ: CMLS) is a leading audio-first media and entertainment company delivering premium content to over a quarter billion people every month — wherever and whenever they want it. CUMULUS MEDIA engages listeners with high-quality local programming through 428 owned-and-operated stations across 87 markets; delivers nationally-syndicated sports, news, talk, and entertainment programming from iconic brands including the NFL, the NCAA, the Masters, the Olympics, the American Country Music Awards, and many other world-class partners across nearly 8,000 affiliated stations through Westwood One, the largest audio network in America; and inspires listeners through its rapidly growing network of original podcasts that are smart, entertaining and thought-provoking. CUMULUS MEDIA provides advertisers with local impact and national reach through on-air, digital, mobile, and voice-activated media solutions, as well as access to integrated digital marketing services, powerful influencers, and live event experiences. CUMULUS MEDIA is the only audio media company to provide marketers with local and national advertising performance guarantees. For more information visit


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  Department Position Title City State Date  
 Administrative Business Manager 08/14/2019   
 Sales Sales Manager 06/06/2019   
 Management VP- Market Manager 09/12/2017   
 Administrative Full-time or Part-Time Sales Assistant Huntsville AL 09/10/2019   
 Finance/Accounting Business Manager Birmingham AL 08/12/2019   
 Sales Account Executive - High Income Media Sales ~ Huntsville Huntsville AL 06/07/2019   
 Sales Account Executive - High Income Media Sales ~ Birmingham Birmingham AL 06/07/2019   
 Sales Regional Digital Sales Manager Birmingham AL 07/25/2019   
 Sales Account Executive - Experienced Montgomery AL 09/04/2019   
 Programming Operations Manager Little Rock AR 05/08/2019   
 Programming Part-Time Board Operator Little Rock AR 08/09/2019   
 Programming News Anchor/Reporter Part-Time Little Rock AR 08/09/2019   
 Promotions/Marketing Promotions Assistant Fayetteville AR 07/11/2018   
 Sales Digital Sales Manager Fayetteville AR 02/21/2019   
 Sales Account Executive - Fort Smith Fayetteville AR 03/27/2019   
 Sales Account Executive Fayetteville AR 04/02/2019   
 Sales Account Executive - High Income Media Sales ~ Fayetteville, AR Fayetteville AR 06/07/2019   
 Sales Account Executive Little Rock AR 06/20/2019   
 Sales Digital Sales Manager Little Rock AR 08/12/2019   
 Engineering and Technical Chief Engineer Little Rock AR 08/09/2019   
 Programming Part time on air Tucson AZ 05/13/2019   
 Promotions/Marketing Part-Time Promotions Assistant Tucson AZ 08/20/2019   
 Sales Account Executive Tucson AZ 08/19/2019   
 Administrative Sales Assistant San Francisco CA 08/05/2019   
 On-Air On-Air Host San Francisco CA 06/06/2019   
 On-Air On-Air Talk Show Host San Francisco CA 07/31/2019   
 Programming News reporter/Anchor Fresno CA 04/09/2019   
 Promotions/Marketing Promotions Grounds Crew San Francisco CA 04/29/2019   
 Sales Account Executive San Francisco CA 04/29/2019   
 Sales Sales Stockton CA 05/14/2019   
 Sales Account Executive - Experienced Ventura CA 07/18/2019   
 Sales Account Executive - Experienced Fresno CA 08/09/2019   
 Programming Program Director Colorado Springs CO 09/18/2019   
 Engineering and Technical Network Operations Technician Centennial CO 09/13/2019   
 Information Technology BSI Software Developer, Broadcast Systems Centennial CO 07/18/2019   
 Sales Account Executive New London CT 07/03/2019   
 Programming Part-Time News Editor/Producer Washington, DC DC 07/18/2019   
 Promotions/Marketing Part-Time Promotions Assistant - 105.9FM WMAL & ESPN 630AM Washington DC 06/21/2019   
 Promotions/Marketing Promotions/Marketing Intern - 105.9FM WMAL & ESPN 630 Washington DC 07/31/2019   
 Sales Account Executive Washington DC 07/12/2019   
 Sales Sales & Receptionist Washington DC 08/05/2019   
 Sales Digital Marketing Strategist. Washington DC 08/27/2019   
 Administrative Assistant Business Manager Pensacola FL 08/12/2019   
 Programming WAOA On-Air Morning Show Co-Host Melbourne FL 08/22/2019   
 Sales Sales Tallahassee FL 04/09/2019   
 Sales Digital Sales Manager Tallahassee FL 07/22/2019   
 Sales Digital Account Executive Melbourne FL 07/30/2019   
 Sales Account Executive Pensacola FL 08/20/2019   
 Sales Account Executive Tallahassee FL 09/04/2019   
 Engineering and Technical Engineer Ft. Walton Beach FL 03/26/2019   
 Finance/Accounting Senior Accountant Atlanta GA 08/26/2019   
 Programming Program Director - WKHX 101.5 Atlanta Atlanta GA 08/09/2019   
 Programming On Air Personality ~ Morning Drive, WDEN FM Macon, GA Macon GA 09/11/2019   
 Promotions/Marketing Creative Services Manager Atlanta GA 06/24/2019   
 Sales Sales Manager ~ Macon, GA Macon GA 06/17/2019   
 Sales Account Executive Albany GA 07/31/2019   
 Sales Account Executive Savannah GA 08/01/2019   
 Sales Digital Account Executive Savannah GA 08/01/2019   
 Sales Account Executive Des Moines IA 11/26/2018   
 Sales Digital Sales Manager Des Moines IA 07/12/2019   
 Sales Account Executive Des Moines IA 07/24/2019   
 Programming (FT or PT) Board Operator Boise ID 08/12/2019   
 Programming PROGRAM DIRECTOR / MORNING CO-HOST Boise ID 09/10/2019   
 Sales Account Executive Boise ID 07/26/2019   
 Sales Full-time Sales Assistant Boise ID 09/18/2019   
 On-Air CHR Mid-Day Host/Administrative Assistant Peoria IL 09/09/2019   
 Sales Account Executive - High Income Media Sales ~ Peoria Peoria IL 06/07/2019   
 Programming (FT or PT) Board Operator Muncie IN 04/16/2019   
 Promotions/Marketing Director of Marketing & Promotions Indianapolis IN 08/14/2019   
 Sales Account Executive - Muncie Muncie IN 01/03/2019   
 Sales Revenue Assistant Indianapolis IN 08/08/2019   
 Sales Media Solutions Specialist Indianapolis IN 08/08/2019   
 Sales B2B Sales Representative Kokomo IN 08/20/2019   
 Administrative Sales & Adminstrative Assistant Kansas City KS 06/10/2019   
 Programming Program Director Kansas City KS 08/20/2019   
 Programming PM Drive / Afternoon Show Host Kansas City KS 09/20/2019   
 Sales Account Executive Kansas City KS 02/08/2019   
 Sales Account Executive Topeka KS 09/06/2019   
 Engineering and Technical Staff Engineer Topeka KS 08/14/2019   
 Engineering and Technical Chief Engineer Lexington KY 06/24/2019   
 Engineering and Technical Chief Engineer Lexington KY 06/24/2019   
 Administrative Sales Assistant PT: SHREVEPORT Shreveport LA 12/12/2018   
 Administrative Full-time Sales Assistant Bossier City LA 05/06/2019   
 Administrative Part Time Office Assistant Lake Charles LA 09/04/2019   
 Administrative National Sales Coordinator/Executive Assistant/ Sales Assistant New Orleans LA 09/06/2019   
 Finance/Accounting Business Manager - SHREVEPORT Shreveport LA 07/29/2019   
 On-Air MIDDAY PERSONALITY Lafayette LA 06/27/2019   
 On-Air On-Air / KRMD-FM - SHREVEPORT Shreveport LA 09/05/2019   
 Programming Program Director KRMD-FM - Shreveport Shreveport LA 04/23/2019   
 Programming OPERATIONS ASSISTANT - Shreveport Shreveport LA 08/30/2019   
 Programming Mid-day on Air Personality Lake Charles LA 09/05/2019   
 Promotions/Marketing Part Time Promotions Asst / Street Team Lafayette LA 07/23/2019   
 Sales Digital Account Executive Baton Rouge LA 10/18/2018   
 Sales Account Executive - High Income Media Sales ~ Lake Charles Lake Charles LA 06/07/2019   
 Sales Digital and Radio Account Executive New Orleans LA 07/18/2019   
 Sales Account Executive - Experienced Lafayette LA 07/23/2019   
 Sales Digital Sales Manager - Shreveport Shreveport LA 08/07/2019   
 Sales Account Executive Shreveport LA 08/12/2019   
 Sales Account Executive - Experienced - SHREVEPORT Shreveport LA 08/15/2019   
 Sales Account Executive Lafayette LA 09/10/2019   
 Sales Account Executive Worcester MA 03/12/2019   
 On-Air On-Air Detroit MI 08/09/2019   
 Programming PT Board Operator Grand Rapids MI 08/09/2018   
 Programming (FT or PT) Board Operator Detroit MI 07/09/2019   
 Programming Traffic Reporter Detroit MI 08/12/2019   
 Promotions/Marketing Promotions Coordinator Detroit MI 09/13/2019   
 Sales Account Executive Saginaw MI 05/14/2019   
 Sales Account Executive Detroit MI 07/31/2019   
 Sales Account Executive Flint MI 09/09/2019   
 Sales Digital Sales Manager Detroit MI 09/13/2019   
 Sales Account Executive Muskegon MI 09/18/2019   
 Administrative Business Manager Minneapolis MN 07/23/2019   
 Programming Heritage AC - Program Director Columbia MO 09/19/2019   
 Sales Account Executive - High Income Media Sales ~ Columbia, MO Columbia MO 06/07/2019   
 Production/Creative Production and Continuity Director Wilmington NC 07/26/2019   
 Sales Account Executive - High Income Media Sales ~ Fayetteville, NC Fayetteville NC 06/07/2019   
 Sales Account Executive - High Income Media Sales ~ Wilmington Wilmington NC 06/07/2019   
 Programming On-Air Talk Show Host Albuquerque NM 08/13/2019   
 Programming PT Board Op/Producer Albuquerque NM 08/22/2019   
 Sales Account Executive Albuquerque NM 07/24/2019   
 Engineering and Technical Engineer Albuquerque NM 02/07/2019   
 Sales Sales Leader Reno NV 09/05/2019   
 Sales Digital Sales Manager Reno NV 09/05/2019   
 Promotions/Marketing Part-Time Promotions Assistant Syracuse NY 06/27/2019   
 Promotions/Marketing Director of Audience Development New York NY 07/16/2019   
 Promotions/Marketing Marketing Manager, Client Solutions New York NY 09/11/2019   
 Sales Account Executive New York NY 10/22/2018   
 Sales Account Executive - Experienced Syracuse NY 07/10/2019   
 Sales Account Executive Buffalo NY 08/01/2019   
 Sales Media Sales Associate New York NY 09/19/2019   
 Information Technology Senior System Engineer, Manager, IT Security New York NY 03/13/2019   
 Programming Program Director Youngstown OH 09/03/2019   
 Sales Account Executive Cincinnati OH 04/18/2019   
 Sales Sales Manager Youngstown OH 08/22/2019   
 Sales Account Executive Toledo OH 09/05/2019   
 Engineering and Technical Chief Engineer Oklahoma City OK 08/27/2019   
 Programming PROGRAM DIRECTOR / KEHK-KSCR-AM Eugene OR 09/16/2019   
 Sales Account Executive Eugene OR 08/21/2019   
 Programming Morning Show Co-Host Allentown PA 09/09/2019   
 Programming Operations Manager Erie PA 09/17/2019   
 Promotions/Marketing Assistant Promotions Director York PA 08/14/2019   
 Promotions/Marketing Promotions Director Harrisburg PA 09/17/2019   
 Sales Sales Account Executive York PA 07/31/2019   
 Sales Account Executive Allentown PA 08/08/2019   
 Sales Outside Sales Rep Erie PA 09/09/2019   
 Sales Account Executive - Experienced Wilkes Barre PA 09/13/2019   
 Sales Outside Advertising Sales Representative Harrisburg PA 09/18/2019   
 Programming Program Director Providence RI 08/27/2019   
 Promotions/Marketing Promotions Director Providence RI 08/19/2019   
 Sales Account Executive Providence RI 06/24/2019   
 Administrative Full-time Sales-Front Desk Assistant Columbia SC 07/16/2019   
 Administrative Full-time Continuity Director Columbia SC 07/16/2019   
 On-Air Part-Time On-Air Personality Columbia SC 07/17/2019   
 Programming Part-time On Air Personality Columbia SC 05/09/2019   
 Promotions/Marketing Promotions Director Columbia SC 08/15/2019   
 Sales Account Executive Columbia SC 11/07/2018   
 Sales Account Executive - Experienced Charleston SC 07/09/2019   
 Sales Sales Manager Columbia SC 07/26/2019   
 Sales Integrated Marketing Professional Digital and Radio Sales Myrtle Beach SC 09/09/2019   
 Promotions/Marketing PT Promotions Assistant Memphis TN 07/16/2019   
 Promotions/Marketing Part-Time Sponsorship & Events Coordinator Nashville TN 08/09/2019   
 Promotions/Marketing Part-Time Promotions Assistant Nashville TN 08/22/2019   
 Sales Account Executive Knoxville TN 05/08/2019   
 Sales Account Executive Memphis TN 07/16/2019   
 Sales Digital Account Executive Chattanooga TN 08/26/2019   
 Programming On-Air Host/Programming Assistance Beaumont TX 06/27/2019   
 Programming News Anchor/Reporter (Part Time) - WBAP/KLIF-AM Dallas TX 07/10/2019   
 Programming Morning Drive Producer - KLIF-AM Dallas TX 09/09/2019   
 Promotions/Marketing Promotion Assistant (Part Time) - Radio/Media Dallas TX 07/18/2019   
 Promotions/Marketing Special Event Assistant (Part Time) - KTCK "The Ticket" Dallas TX 07/18/2019   
 Sales Account Executive - Radio/Media Dallas TX 07/10/2019   
 Sales Account Executive Houston TX 07/23/2019   
 Sales Account Executive - High Income Media Sales ~ Wichita Falls Wichita Falls TX 09/06/2019   
 Sales Digital Sales Manager - Amarillo, TX Amarillo TX 09/06/2019   
 Sales Account Executive Amarillo TX 09/06/2019   
 Sales Account Executive Abilene TX 09/09/2019   
 Sales Account Executive - Experienced Beaumont TX 09/09/2019   
 Sales Director of Sales - Music Stations Dallas TX 09/12/2019   
 Web/Digital Digital Coordinator Houston TX 08/06/2019   
 Information Technology IT Help Desk Support Dallas TX 07/16/2019   
 Sales Sales Salt Lake City UT 08/27/2019   
 On-Air programming Appleton WI 07/03/2019   
 Sales Director of Sales Appleton WI 09/06/2019   
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